Is Flipkart better than Amazon in India?

A very good question which most of online shoppers must know.I am a person who keeps checking offers on e-commerce sites and do purchases for me or relatives/friends whenever I find good offers. I purchase 2-3 Lakhs worth products every year online which includes electronics, mobile phones, groceries etc.

One thing everyone must know is both FLIPKART & AMAZON alone doesn't sell the products they also have number of sellers who are registered with them. Flipkart and Amazon also serves as platform or portal where BUYERS MEET SELLERS.Both Amazon and Flipkart will keep announcing their big billion day or festival sales where customers will keep waiting to book their needs or wants. I have few experiences to share with all during these offers or on normal days.

PRICE VARIATIONS: I searched for a canon printer, price was Rs. 3999/- in flipkart and 10% CB using Credit cards or some wallet. Same printer price was Rs.3850/- in Amazon and I was very happy to add this item to cart but after adding it showed me Rs.4000/-. I was surprised but later when I noticed, amazon added shipping charges of Rs.150/-. So, I opted for Flipkart.

DEFECTIVE PIECE: I booked a HP Laptop(during Amazon Great Indian festival sale) for my cousin in Amazon which costed me Rs.31999/-. I got the delivery, Laptop seems to good but no battery backup. I should always keep charging when I want to use.seems to be defect piece. Later, I returned the Laptop. So,Be careful when you have to buy any electronic items. you can get it checked in authorized service centers.

CHECK & CONFIRM MRP: Don't go with MRP shown on Amazon or Flipkart. I saw a Gillette Shaving Foam on grocery category, its actual price in retail store was Rs.199 but price was Rs.230 online. When I compared both, I got to know its old price was Rs.230 and later it was decreased to Rs.199. So, Sellers on Flipkart/Amazon was selling some old stock.


                                        Same Products showing different MRP’s.

MOBILE & LAPTOP PURCHASES: I personally suggest everyone who buy mobiles or laptops on either flipkart or amazon to show and get confirmed about it in respective company's authorized service center once. One of my friend had very bad experience of a smartphone phone which she took and she got to know that her phone’s IMEI wasn't registered.

DATE OF EXPIRY: Both Amazon and Flipkart started with their grocery sales. Both companies give better discounts on few products. I purchased a pouch of refined oil which costed me Rs.87/ltr. I wondered about the price and ordered. When I got the delivery, I noticed expiry date was very nearer(around a month).

WAIT FOR OFFERS AND BOOK ONE: Online Prices keep varying. Wait for time, offers and cashbacks, and Go for it. Never buy the items at MRP until it is very much urgent for you.

                                          I brought this TV to my friend for Rs.19500/-.

Based on my personal experience with online purchases, more or less, Both Amazon and Flipkart are almost same. moreover it also depends on the sellers registered with them. But, personally I prefer Flipkart than Amazon for its products and I use more Amazon Pantry for groceries. Additionally, my suggestion is to have look on details of product on both sites along with ratings & reviews of product and vendor with whom you are placing the order.

Thank You!!! Happy Shopping !!!


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