6Days/5Nights Trip to Thailand

Wow......Here, we went, 6Days, 5Nights, 4people, 3 Cities, 2Days in each city and 1 Country...... Its THAILAND (land of Smiles).

How we got ready for our Thailand trip?

  1. We made sure we are 4 people so that it is very easy for our accommodations and local travel in Thailand. 3 people traveled from Bengaluru,India and 1 person joined us from Singapore.
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How to apply for Thailand Tourist Visa from Bengaluru?

Tourists can get their visa at Bangkok Airport after arrival by "Visa On-Arrival" But I would suggest people to get visa stamped at Bengaluru office before flying.

Why should we get visa prior to our travel?

  1. You can see a very long Q in Bangkok airport to get your visa stamped.
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What are the documents required to apply for Thailand Tourist Visa?

You can download checklist form from links : (SINGLE ENTRY) or (MULTIPLE ENTRY). Fill the form, sign and should carry with you to visa office. Remaining documents must be arranged in the order listed in checklist form.

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