6Days/5Nights Trip to Thailand

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Wow......Here, we went, 6Days, 5Nights, 4people, 3 Cities, 2Days in each city and 1 Country...... Its THAILAND (land of Smiles).

How we got ready for our Thailand trip?

  1. We made sure we are 4 people so that it is very easy for our accommodations and local travel in Thailand. 3 people traveled from Bengaluru,India and 1 person joined us from Singapore.
  2. We saw few trip packages online which we didn't like and It also encouraged us to make our own travel plan so that we can cover more places with economy price. moreover, there wont be any dependencies and not restricted to places or time.
  3. The very first thing we did is created a WhatsApp group for lively updates and discussions.
  4. We consulted few of our friends who had traveled earlier to Thailand for their vacations or work and gathered information on attractions, places, hotels, cost of living, foods and many more.
  5. Now, Everything was set with our route-map and trip plans.

  6. Based on our route-map, We booked the flight tickets almost 2 months prior to our travel which costed us very less. around Rs.20,000/- including local flights in Thailand. I am sure people would have traveled less than this price too.
  7. Next, we need to show atleast one Hotel booking to get visa and we booked hotel too. Hotels are available in all ranges. Its all with us to choose the hotel based on our comfort and price. most of hotel provides complimentary breakfast.
  8. We gathered all necessary documents to visit VISA office. for more details on VISA and documents, please do visit How to apply for Thailand Tourist Visa from Bengaluru?
  9. It took almost 5 days to get our visa and we collected the our passports at VISA office. Now, Just waited for a day to start!!!

What are useful tips to know before you fly?

  1. Download Google Translator app which will be very useful to read the name boards, address etc in Thailand.
  2. Download Grab App which is useful to book to local taxi.
  3. Keep a set of soft copy of all the documents in your phone.
  4. Carry your Driving License for your local 2/4 Wheeler drive (you can rent vehicle for travel).
  5. International roaming is too costly compared to buying a SIM in Thailand.
  6. Carry a spare phone(If you are using single SIM phone) and very minute thing but very import too, carry your phone SIM ejector with you.

Finally, day arrived to fly to Thailand for our vacation!!! wow!!!

26/07/2018 (Day0) - BENGALURU, INDIA

Our flight was scheduled at 11:40PM but we reached Kempegowda(Bengaluru) International Airport by 8:30PM. We collected our boarding pass, passed security check and entered into Airport lounge. I would say it was great start in lounge with variety of foods, drinks, gossips and small talks. At 11:20PM, we on-boarded into flight. Almost flight was full. Flight started and we slept off. By the time we opened our eyes, we were in - land of Smiles. wow- THAILAND.

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